How to Combine Functions, Lists and Members in Member Selection

Edward J. Cody & Eric M. Somers

Oracle Financial Reporting Book Cover

The following example is an excerpt from the book: Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting: A Practical Guide.  In this article, authors Ed Cody and Eric Somers discuss the use of logic to identify a cross-section of members based on functions and lists in the member selection criteria. 

When selecting members in a grid, the use of lists and functions are powerful features to accurately obtain the desired list of members from a dimension.  Selections from the Functions, Lists, and Members tab of the member selection window may be utilized together with operators, parentheses, and inverse (i.e. not) logic to query the hierarchy. The following example demonstrates an example grid that pulls all Level 0 Products not from the entire hierarchy but from a section of the hierarchy.

In this example, the ASO Sample application is used and the member selection is accessed on the Products dimension, which is in Row 1 of the grid.  Selecting members for Products opens the member selection window.  Opening the Functions tab shows the following functions:


Oracle Financial Reporting Image 1

In this example, the Descendants function is selected.  When selected and moved into the selected pane of the screen, the window appears for selecting the parameters for the function.  This example looks at the descendants of the All Merchandise member.   

Oracle Financial Reporting Image 2

Once this member is added to the criteria, the interface allows for the addition of additional selection criteria.  The Lev0,Products list is also moved into the selected pane from the Lists tab to complete the example. 

Oracle Financial Reporting Image 3

The selected area now shows the list and the function.  The And operator is also used to specific members are returned when both conditions are satisfied.   Note: If the Not, Parenthesis, and Operator values are shown by using the View… button in the screenshot below.

Oracle Financial Reporting Image 4 

When the report is run, the grid shows only the level 0 members of the All Merchandise section of the hierarchy. Conversely, to not show level 0 members in the report, selecting the Not checkbox next to the Lev0,Products section would display all upper-level members in the All Merchandise hierarchy.

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