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P8tech is an independent technology publishing company based in the UK. Our books have fruits and vegetables on their covers. We develop print books, eBooks, and eLearning. The current title output focuses on Java related titles, VOIP, and Oracle; P8tech is very interested in talking to authors who wish to develop books on nascent and emerging technologies.

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P8tech publishes IT books and ebooks for technology professionals. With an emphasis on Java technologies and Oracle technologies - our book pipeline is designed to help developers, administrators and architects get hands-on quickly and easily. All P8tech's books are 'practical-heavy' and full of code and screenshots. Many of our books are published in colour to make the reading (and learning) experience as effective and positive as possible.

P8tech's first title was Sam Alapati's Java Masterclass: Java Exceptions, Assertions and Logging. Sam is a well-known author, renowned for his high quality books and P8 is delighted to be working with him - not just on one book but a whole Java Masterclass series. This series aims to take different aspects of Java 7 SE and Java 7 EE and provide short focussed books that target very particular development activities. In line with this short-and-to-the-point approach - price is important; all ebook versions will be $9.99.

Continuing the Java theme – P8 is also working closely with Richard Reese. Richard is familiar to many in the Java community providing hugely insightful real-world books. His most recent book Java 8 New Features:  A Practical Heads-Up Guide details numerous areas including lambda expressions, the Stream interface, the Nashorn JavaScript Engine and much more. It is filled with code examples and best practice. Richard is currently working on an exciting JMonkey title in partnership with Justin Johnson.

But it is not just Java that P8 develops books into. We recently published a terrific beginner's guide into the popular Open Source technology Elastix. Written by Asterisk Ambassador and superstar trainer – David Duffett - Getting Started with Elastix is a new take on the practical guide. Filled with colour screenshots, illustrations and photos of the working phone system, PCI cards, and more – the book is a must-have for anyone beginning to work with Elastix. The book also incorporates an extensive 18 page Asterisk CLI glossary, including David's top-ten most useful commands to get to grips with (and why). The book has also been translated into Spanish in conjunction with the creators of Elastix – PaloSanto Solutions – offering this high-value information to a wide new audience seeking to benefit from the power of this tech (Elastix: Guía para Principiantes ).

Oracle technologies form an important part to P8's output, and we are pleased to announce the development of books into Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting and a top-notch guide into Hyperion DRM. In turn, a first-class team from Oracle has almost completed their Oracle Siebel Open UI Developer's Handbook. If you work with this technology – this book needs to sit on your shelf. The print book is being developed in full colour, so no more squinting and head-scratching as you look at ‘challenging' greyscale images on the printed page.

So where is P8 heading? We would love to talk to aspiring authors who are motivated to write Java or Oracle titles, but we are also interested in developing 5 star books across many technology sectors. We are especially interested in developing books on nascent technologies. We want to help support, promote and inform readers about the technologies that will shape tomorrow. If you are part of a project looking to develop printed books and knowledge for your tech – do not hesitate to get in touch.


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